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The Plastic Surgery Consultation

Dr. Sadove believes the initial consultation is a very important step in the plastic surgery process. It enables patients to meet him and talk confidentially about their surgical goals and anticipated results. It’s a chance to have an open, honest dialogue, ask questions and meet his staff members. The goal of the consultation is for patients to have all the information they need to make an informed decision and feel comfortable with their planned procedure.


Dr. Sadove and his staff care for and treat patients as they would a member of their own family.


During the consultation, Dr. Sadove uses Touch MD. This educational touch screen tool enables him to show procedure videos as well as draw diagrams on the screen to help patients understand what he will be doing during their surgery. He can also show them before and after photos specific to their procedure. Patients can also set up a personal login in order to view the information discussed during the consultation in the privacy of their own home. 


View Dr. Sadove's short consultation video.

Dr. Michael Sadove's Surgery Philosophy

Dr. Sadove’s philosophy is based on the premise that plastic surgery should be both a safe and satisfying experience. He builds personal rapport with his patients by discussing and understanding their surgical goals, allowing transformation of their vision into realistic, natural-looking results.


Dr. Sadove believes in restoring the features patients have lost over time by providing a more youthful appearance. He accomplishes this through artistry, years of surgical expertise and by utilizing current techniques that provide optimal results with the least amount of downtime. 

TouchMD Educational Touch-Screen Tool

If you already have a TouchMD account set up, you can log in here. You can also set up your login here after your surgery consultation with Dr. Sadove to view before and after photos as well as get information about specific procedures.

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