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Natural Results...Everyone Will Notice...No One Will Know

Dr. Michael Sadove's goal is to help you achieve natural-looking breasts. He strives for a result that supports your body's tissues and enhances your profile, in order for you to feel confident in your clothing and bathing suit.


If you are considering breast augmentation, lift, reduction or reconstruction after cancer surgery, call Dr. Sadove for a private consultation.


Call Dr. Sadove to arrange a consultation to discuss these procedures:

Try the Vectra 3D Sculptor!


Dr. Sadove uses the Vectra 3D imaging system to show his patients their potential cosmetic breast surgery result before they have their procedure. Using multiple cameras, the Vectra device simultaneously takes multiple three-dimensional photographs using different points of view.


This enables Dr. Sadove to simulate a three-dimensional virtual model on a TV monitor to share with patients during the consultation. Together, they can experiment with different looks and implant sizes until they find the most appropriate result the patient is happy with.

View Informational Videos About Plastic Surgery


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